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Prime Day Shopping Guide

With the arrival of Prime Day, Kaiweets has also released a promotion for July this year. If you want to buy better tools at a lower price, then you can't miss this promotion, let's take a look at the tools that are worth buying!

Event time:July 11-17
15% off sitewide - -Code:PD15

In order that you can clearly know the difference between these products, we have prepared a difference chart for you, so that you can choose the right product at a glance!


Multimeter is an indispensable measuring instrument for power electronics and other sectors, generally for the main purpose of measuring voltage, current and resistance. Multimeter is divided into pointer multimeter and digital multimeter according to the display mode. Multimeter is a multi-function, multi-range measuring instrument, generally can measure DC current, DC voltage, AC current, AC voltage, resistance, some can also measure AC current, capacity, etc..

Multimeter comparison chart

Clamp meter

As one of the necessary test tools in daily maintenance work, AC/DC Clamp Meter is mainly used to test voltage, current, frequency and other related parameters, which requires high test resolution, test accuracy and more test functions.

 Clamp meter comparison chart

Electricity Detector Pen

A stylus is a tool used to test whether a wire is electrically charged. In addition to determining whether an object is electrically charged, it has the following uses.
(1) can be used for low-voltage phase verification, measuring whether any wire in the line between the same phase or different phase.
(2) can be used to discriminate between alternating current and direct current.
(3) Can be used to determine the positive and negative poles of direct current.
(4) Can be used to determine whether DC is grounded.

Electricity measuring pen

Wire Stripper

Wire Stripper is one of the common tools used by inside electricians, motor repair and instrumentation electricians to strip the surface insulation from the head of the wire. Wire Stripper can make the wire is cut insulation skin and wire separation, but also to prevent electric shock.

Wire stripper comparison chart


DC Power Supply

A/ DC power supply has two electrodes, positive and negative, with a high potential at the positive end and a low potential at the negative end. When the two electrodes are connected to the circuit, a constant potential difference can be maintained between the two ends of the circuit, thus forming a current from the positive to the negative end in the external circuit. DC power supply is an energy conversion device, which converts other forms of energy into electrical energy to supply the circuit in order to maintain a steady flow of current.

3D Laser Level

In surveying and construction, a laser level is a control tool consisting of a rotating laser beam projector that can be fixed on a tripod. The tool levels the device according to its accuracy and projects a fixed red or green beam in a plane around the horizontal and/or vertical axis.

laser level comparison chart

Digital Infrared Thermomete

Digital Infrared Thermomete uses non-contact temperature measurement method to measure the surface temperature of objects. Infrared temperature measurement with high accuracy, fast response, safer features, can be used for preventive maintenance of electrical equipment, production line quality control, restaurant food hygiene and safety, and many other production, work and life scenarios.

Digital Infrared Thermomete comparison chart

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