Kaiweets-Wire Stripper & Test Leads

Wire Stripper & Test Leads

KAIWEETS Automatic Wire Strippers are used for electricians to strip the surface insulation of the head of the wire, wire strippers can make the wire cut off the insulating skin and wire separation, but also prevent electric shock. It is one of the common tools used in electrical work, KAIWEETS is committed to providing diversified, multi-functional, practical and fashionable self adjusting wire strippers.
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KAIWEETS KET01 Electrician Test Leads Kitkaiweets electrical test leads
KAIWEETS KET05 Multimeter Test Leads KitKET05 Multimeter Test Leads Kit
KWS-103 Automatic Self Adjusting Wire StripperKWS-103 Self Adjusting Wire Stripper
KAIWEETS KDC01 Crimping Tools SetKDC01 Crimping Tools Set
KAIWEETS KWS-102 Wire CuttersWire Stripping Tool
KAIWEETS KET12 Electrician Test Leads KitKET12 Electrician Test Leads
KET11 Multimeter Test Leads SetKAIWEETS KET11 Multimeter Test Leads Set
KAIWEETS KET04 Alligator Clips 5PCSKET04 Alligator Clips 5PCS
KAIWEETS KWS-302 Multifunctional Wire Stripper KitKAIWEETS KWS-302 Wire Stripper Kit
KAIWEETS KET03 Alligator Clips Electrical Test LeadsKAIWEETS KET03 Alligator Clips Test Leads
KAIWEETS KET02-B Alligator ClipsKET02-B Alligator Clips