KAIWEETS Wanptek APS3010H DC Power Supply

Precise Encoder Adjustment Knob: The DC power supply has a precise encoder adjustment knob. Just press the knob to switch each digit, and then turn the knob to set each digit in the range of 0-9. Unlike ordinary knobs, the coding knob of this variable dc power supply allows you to set the settings you need more accurately.

3 Groups of Internal Memories: The variable power supply has three groups of storage functions M1-M3. You can store commonly used data using the three memories storage buttons M1-M3, and recall it for use at any time without repeated input. This is beneficial to your work efficiency and is more convenient and faster.

Output On/Off Button: The output on/off button makes it nice to be able to set your voltage and amps without power applied to the load. This design can prevent you from damaging the appliance because you forget to disconnect the output. Effectively improve your experiment efficiency.

Short Circuit Alarm: When a short circuit occurs, the adjustable power supply will emit a buzzer alarm and stop output. At the same time protect the bench power supply and load from being damaged. In addition, the benchtop power supply has overvoltage, overcurrent, and overheat protection.

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  • Special Features
  • Three groups memory storage and recall, OUTPUT output, OCP short circuit protection, USB fast charging interface
  • Input Voltage
  • 0℃~40℃; relative humidity: <80%RH
  • Storage Temperature
  • -10℃~70℃; relative humidity: <70%RH
  • Constant Voltage State
  • Voltage stability ≤0.5%+3mV Load stability ≤0.5%+3mV Ripple noise ≤0.5%V P-P
  • Constant Current State
  • Current stability ≤0.5%+3mA load stability ≤0.5%+3mA ripple noise ≤0.5%A P-P
  • Protection Mode
  • ‎Over voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection
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