KAIWEETS VT500 Non-Contact Voltage Tester Pen AC 12~300V

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Inductive Measuring Mode: When the probe is placed close to the AC voltage, the higher the voltage, the more rapid the buzzer sounds. Likewise, "Hl" on the display indicates high voltage, and "U" indicates low voltage. With this function, you can differentiate between Null and Live wires, or find the breakpoint of the wire.

AC Voltage Tester: Equipped with a sturdy metal NCV probe for testing AC voltage; the test probe touches the conductor with AC voltage, and the voltage reading will show on display.

Continuity Test: If the wire is connected correctly, the screen will display"--C" and buzzer sounds, if the wire is open, the test pen does not respond.

Battery Polarity Detection: Press and hold the button, while touching the test probe to the positive terminal, on the other hand, press and hold the negative terminal. If the polarity is correct, the screen displays"--P" and the buzzer sounds. If it is reversely connected, the test pen does not respond.

Special Function: Can be used as a screwdriver for your convenience while working.
Note: A high voltage alarm warns you of voltage over 20V, the screen turns red, and a loud audible alarm sounds.

  • Item Weight
  • 0.065 KG
  • Package Dimensions (LxWxH)
  • ‎15.8cm X 3.8cm X 2.4cm
  • Performance Description
  • LCD Display
  • Safety Level
  • CAT.Ⅱ 300V
  • Usage
  • ‎▲ AC Voltage Detection
  • ‎▲ Continuity Detection
  • ‎▲ Battery Polarity Detection
  • Upgraded Specification
  • AC Voltage: 12~300V, 50/60HZ
  • Measurement error: ±(5%+3)
  • Humidity:≤95%
  • Altitude:≤2000m
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