KAIWEETS KT-300P Green Laser Enhancement Glasses with Adjustable Frame

Better visibility: Wearing laser-enhancing glasses can increase the visibility of the green laser line or the green laser point in the dark. As clear as 60 million pixels. Note: The laser-level glasses can only be for better visibility, not for protection. Do not look directly at the laser beam under any circumstances.

Many Uses: Compatible with all green laser levels. 190-540nm wavelength anti-laser goggles, Specially designed for 532nm wavelength protective glasses. Laser safety goggles 450nm also work well.

Eye-friendly: Filter glasses help filter light in other colors besides green in nature to make the light brighter and clearer, it can relieve eye pressure and reduce eye strain.

Adjustable Frame: Don't need to take off myopia or farsighted glasses. The length of the arms is adjustable for 4 modes by about 2 cm (9.8 - 11.2 cm), ensuring a perfect fit for men and women of all sizes.

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  • Applicable Laser Wavelength
  • 505 - 540nm
  • Applicable Laser Class
  • CLASS 2, Class 3, Class 3R
  • Visible Transmittance
  • >85%
  • Arm adjustable range
  • 9.8 - 11.2 cm / 3.5 - 4.4 inch
  • UV Protection
  • ‎330~400uv
  • Item Weight
  • 0.03 KG
  • Product Dimensions
  • ‎7.09 x 2.36 x 3.15 inches
  • Material
  • ‎Polycarbonate
  • Note
  • The glasses can only for better visibility, not for protection
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