If you've been searching for a reliable, accurate digital multimeter for everyday use, look no further than the KAIWEETS HT118A. This Digital Multimeter is made for professionals and has features like an LCD screen, auto-ranging, and memory for keeping track of data. Whether you're an electrical engineer or a DIY enthusiast, the KAIWEETS HT118A offers accuracy and is easy to use, making it easy to get your job done right every time. In this blog post, we will look at exactly how accurate the KAIWEETS HT118A is - So keep reading to find out more.

Overview of the KAIWEETS HT118A Multimeter

The KAIWEETS HT118A Multimeter is a flexible and easy-to-use tool for measuring voltage, current, resistance, etc. It has many functions, such as measuring AC/DC voltage up to 600V, testing AC/DC up to 10A, and measuring resistance up to 60 MOhms. This makes it an excellent choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the multimeter has built-in temperature probes for measuring temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit and capacitance, frequency, and duty cycle readings. Additionally, it comes with a non-contact voltage detection feature, so you can identify wires without ever coming into contact with them. On top of that, the large 2.9" LCD with backlight and auto-ranging make it easy to use.

Also, it comes with many other features, such as auto range/analog bar display, True RMS readings, data hold, LED lamp and diode test, triode test, continuity testing, and overload protection. The Auto Power Off is also beneficial since it will turn the multimeter off after 15 minutes of inactivity - saving you energy and extending its lifespan. Plus, the HTN full-viewing angle screen allows a 180-degree viewing angle to take readings from any direction. With two bright LED backlights built in, the display is much more brilliant than other models.

All these features make the KAIWEETS HT118A Multimeter an excellent choice for detecting AC/DC voltage and current, troubleshooting automotive circuits, and general electronic testing at home or the workplace.

How accurate is Kaiweets HT118A?

Kaiweets HT118A is an incredibly accurate Digital Multimeter (DMM). Its accuracy for measuring DC voltage is plus or minus (0.5% + 3) for 600 up to 1000 voltages. Additionally, its temperature measurement accuracy is highly impressive with 5.0% / 6°F -4°F to 32°F, 1.0% / 4°F 32°F to 752° and 2.0% 752°F to 1832°F respectively. With such high accuracy standards, you can trust Kaiweets HT118A for all your needs!

With superior accuracy ratings and reliable performance, the Kaiweets HT118A digital multimeter is an excellent choice for automotive tasks requiring precision measurements. It will provide users with accurate readings time after time in any environment.

Why should you buy the KAIWEETS HT118A?

1. Powerful Functions:

The KAIWEETS HT118A offers a range of powerful functions, from AutoRange to True RMS, NCV, and Data Hold, plus LED lamp, Diode test, and Triode test. This makes it ideal for all your electrical needs.

2. Easy Operation:

The HT118A is designed with ease of use in mind. Its full-viewing angle screen provides 180-degree viewing angles on two LED backlights for excellent visibility even in dimly lit spaces. Short-circuiting protection, overload protection, and Low Battery Indication make it safe to use.

3. Versatility:

With its wide applications and easy operation, the HT118A is ideal for both professional and DIY jobs, whether you're a technician, an engineer, or a hobbyist.

4. Durable Construction:

The KAIWEETS HT118A is designed to last, with high-quality materials and construction that ensure it stands up to daily use. With its robust design, it's sure to provide long-term reliability even in challenging environments.

5. Quality Assurance:

KAIWEETS stands behind its products, offering an incredible three-year warranty on the HT118A. On top of that, excellent customer service is always available if you have any queries or issues with your purchase.

Understanding how certain factors can impact accuracy

The Kaiweets HT118A Digital Multimeter's features have been designed to help ensure accuracy when testing in various settings. Temperature plays a vital role in the accuracy of any meter, so it's essential to consider environmental factors that could affect readings, such as humidity and air pressure. The HT118A also has a range of input protection capabilities, including an overload protection system and low battery indicator, which can guard against incorrect readings caused by external conditions or other devices connected to the circuit. Additionally, its Auto-range selection feature helps select the best measurement range for precise readings.


Temperature can have a strong effect on the accuracy of a multimeter. If you take measurements in hot or cold temperatures, your readings may be affected. For example, at higher temperatures, some components may increase in resistance. Therefore, the Kaiweets HT118A Digital Multimeter must be used in an environment within its specified temperature range (0-50°C).

Input Voltage:

The Kaiweets HT118A Digital Multimeter's input voltage should also be considered for accurate measurements. It has been tested to operate safely with AC/DC voltages up to 600V; however, if you use higher voltages beyond those limits, there is a potential for inaccurate readings.

Test Leads:

The quality of the test leads can also play an essential role in providing accurate measurements as they connect the multimeter and the device being tested. The Kaiweets HT118A Digital Multimeter has two high-quality test leads, which should be used for the best results.

Battery Level:

The battery level of your Kaiweets HT118A Digital Multimeter will also affect its accuracy. A low battery level can cause fluctuations in voltage, resulting in unreliable readings. It is vital to ensure that your multimeter's battery is fully charged before taking measurements.

User Error:

Last but not least, user error can also cause inaccurate readings. When using your Kaiweets HT118A Digital Multimeter, it is essential to understand how to connect and use the device properly. In addition, you should always refer to the instructions manual for any questions or clarifications.

By considering all these factors and following the safety guidelines, you can ensure that your measurements are as accurate as possible with your Kaiweets HT118A Digital Multimeter. It is a powerful tool designed with quality components, ultimately providing reliable and precise results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How accurate is the KAIWEETS HT118A?

The KAIWEETS HT118A Multimeter offers a high degree of accuracy with up to 0.5% essential DC voltage accuracy, allowing for great precision when measuring current, resistance, frequency, and temperature.

Does the KAIWEETS HT118A measure capacitance accurately?

Yes! The multimeter measures capacitance accurately up to 60 MOhms resistance, making it an ideal tool for troubleshooting or testing electrical circuits that involve capacitors or other components with high-resistance values.

Does KAIWEETS HT118A have automatic ranging capabilities?

Yes! The multimeter has automatic ranging capabilities, meaning it can measure a wide range of values without manually adjusting the settings. This makes it easy and convenient for users to get accurate readings quickly.

What are the maximum voltage and current measurement capabilities?

The KAIWEETS HT118A Multimeter measures up to 600V AC/DC voltage and 10A AC/DC, making it ideal for testing various electrical components and circuits.

Does the multimeter have an audible alarm?

Yes! The KAIWEETS HT118A Multimeter includes an audible alarm that will sound when certain levels are exceeded or if an open circuit condition is detected. This feature helps alert users that something may be wrong with their circuit.

Does the multimeter have a backlight display?

Yes, the KAIWEETS HT118A has a large 2.9" LCD backlight display, making it easy to read the digits even in low light conditions. The 6000-count resolution also displays precision readings clearly on the screen.

Is this multimeter suitable for professional use?

Yes! The KAIWEETS HT118A Multimeter is an ideal tool for professionals and hobbyists as it offers accurate and precise measurements with its wide range of features and functions. This multimeter provides reliable results no matter what kind of testing or troubleshooting you need to do. Its user-friendly design also makes it easy to use.

Does the KAIWEETS HT118A have additional features?

Yes! The multimeter includes additional features, such as wire on-off, continuity testing, and temperature measurements, which are ideal for various electrical troubleshooting or testing applications.

Is this multimeter suitable for automotive use? 

Yes! The KAIWEETS HT118A Multimeter is suitable for automotive use due to its high accuracy, automatic ranging capabilities, and an easy-to-read display. This makes it an ideal tool for troubleshooting and testing any vehicle.

Can I use the KAIWEETS HT118A with other test leads?

Yes! The KAIWEETS HT118A Multimeter is compatible with non-contact voltage testing and most standard test leads, making it a versatile tool for various applications. Due to its backlight display, this multimeter can also be used in low-light conditions.


Finally, the KAIWEETS HT118A Digital Multimeter is an auto-ranging, quick, and highly accurate instrument that measures voltage, current, amp, resistance, diode continuity, and capacitance. The meter also has a temperature measurement capability to help diagnose automotive problems. With its wide range of measurement features and high accuracy, it's no surprise that this digital multimeter has become one of the most popular instruments among industry professionals and DIYers! Whether you're an expert technician or just starting, the KAIWEETS HT118A Digital Multimeter will provide accurate readings for all your electronic repair needs.   


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