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It's finally June, which suggests Father's Day might be around the horizon (June 19 to be exact), and you've arrived at the perfect store if you're searching for smart multimeters or electronic products, while saving money. All of the greatest early bargains, as well as today's hottest discounts are included in our 2022 Father's Day sales guide.

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Father’s Day Sales at Kaiweets

On this beautiful occasion, Kaiweets is offering an exclusive promo for their clients on all their products. Highly recommended Kaiweets products are below described which are in high demand due to their exceptional features.

1. KAIWEETS KM601 Smart Digital Multimeter - 10000 Counts True-RMS

▶Kaiweets KM601 smart multimeter correctly measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, and 10A current, as well as continuity, live wire, etc. 
▶KM601 smart multimeter from Kaiweets is intended to efficiently and legally diagnose a wide range of vehicle and household electrical issues. Smart DMM can be used can by a DIYer at home or at the industry as they are not difficult to learn.
▶This item comes with free delivery, a 30-day refund policy, a 3-year warranty, and lifelong technical support from KAIWEETS.

2. KAIWEETS HT208D Inrush Clamp Meter T-RMS 6000 Counts for AC/DC

▶This multimeter can measure 100 amps AC/DC current, 1000 volts AC/DC voltage, diode continuity, etc with precision. Simple to use in labs, industries, and homes.
▶Understanding the value of inrush current can assist you in swiftly locating a startup issue, whether it's in the motor or the starting circuit. Inrush current takes roughly 100 milliseconds to measure.
▶Clamp Meter has VFD and Loz features which can deliver more accurate

3. KAIWEETS KT360A  3 x 360 Line Self Leveling Laser with 2 Batteries - Working 40Hrs

▶Two 360° vertical lines and one 360° horizontal line Green Laser Level has the most up-to-date diode technology for four times improved vision and accuracy.
▶Laser Level is powered by two 3.7V X 7.5Ah (27.75Whr) lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that last for more than 20 hours (per battery), for a total of 40 hours when used together.
▶Within 4 degrees of self-leveling. Toggling between modes is as simple as pressing one button. In a matter of seconds, you may go from manual self-leveling to automatic self-leveling. 3mm / 10m leveling accuracy Rugged construction, waterproof to IP54, and dustproof.
▶Take care not to stare directly at the laser light. Without adult supervision, children are not permitted to use a laser level.

4. KAIWEETS ST100 Smart Pen Multimeter - Digital Voltage Tester DC/AC

▶The ST100 voltage test pen can perform a wide range of electrical tests.
▶The NCV tester is capable of detecting voltage. Electric shock is avoided to a considerable extent while measuring voltage without contacting wires.
▶The NCV tester can detect voltage. Electric shock is minimized while monitoring voltage without contacting wires. ▶When the electrical checker is in Auto Mode, it automatically recognizes

5. KAIWEETS Apollo 7  Digital Infrared Thermometer

▶The KAIWEETS infrared thermometer measures the surface temperature of various objects with great accuracy up to 2% in about 0.5 seconds. Remember do not use it to take the temperature of your forehead; the temperature measured for humans will be incorrect.
▶This digital temperature gun is extensively used in everyday and commercial thermal analysis, such as cooking, household maintenance, diagnosing HVAC difficulties, soap production, and water temperature measurement, among other things.
▶Low battery indication and 30-second automatic shutdown feature aid to improve the battery life.

6. KAIWEETS KWS-103 Multifunctional Automatic Wire Stripper

▶Our self-adjusting mechanism can strip wire from 10 to 24 AWG.
▶TPR grips may substantially boost comfort and minimize hand fatigue when stripping, cutting, and crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals.
▶Strip wire from AWG24-10/0.26.0mm2; 12-10AWG (4.0-6.0mm2) for non-insulated terminals.
▶Strip copper wire, aluminum wire, encased core wire, cable, and covered terminal electrical crimping with this tool.
▶This item is only accessible and the European Union.

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