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Do You Know the KAIWEETS KTI-W01 Thermal Camera?

Read this article to learn more about the specifications, price, package contents, main application scenarios and importance of KAIWEETS KTI-W01 handheld portable thermal camera.

With the continuous improvement of infrared technology, thermal imaging cameras have been widely used in medical, military, firefighting, and industrial machinery inspection. In particular, handheld thermal imaging cameras have become more convenient for large-area inspection operations due to their portable design.
The following content will introduce you to the KTI-W01 thermal camera developed and produced by KAIWEETS.


KAIWEETS KTI-W01 is a handheld thermal imaging camera with a 3.2-inch high-definition display. 256x192 ultra-high resolution, clear image. In addition, this thermal imager has a temperature sensitivity of ≤50mk, a long temperature measurement range of -20°C to 550°C (-4°F to 1022°F), and accurate temperature measurement. It is very suitable for troubleshooting potentially dangerous faults in home construction and other areas.

3.2-inch color screen display thermal imaging camera

What's in the KTI-W01 thermal camera package?

KTI-W01 is packaged in an exquisite gift box. It is also one of the best gift options for friends or family.

KTI-W01 handheld thermal imaging camera

When you open the gift box, you can see a length of 90 mm, a width of 105 mm, and a height of 223 mm. Handheld portable thermal imaging camera weighing 389g.


KAIWEETS equips each KTI-W01 with a 5V charger and USB data cable. They are respectively used for users to charge the KTI-W01 thermal imaging camera and connect to the PC via USB for online professional analysis.

KAIWEETS exquisite gift box packaging handheld thermal imaging camera

Portable EVA Bag

This durable EVA Bag is specially designed for KTI-W01, allowing users to quickly store it in daily use. At the same time, it has a good protective effect on the surface of the KTI-W01 thermal camera to avoid wear and risk of damage, which is beneficial to extend the service life of KTI-W01.

User manual

The KTI-W01 manual provides you with a detailed introduction to the lens maintenance, product performance, and menu interface details of this product. Any novice can quickly learn to operate the KTI-W01 thermal imager after reading the manual carefully.
In addition, this manual supports six languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, and Russian), so you can browse it easily and quickly whether you are a native speaker or not.

What are the application ranges of the KTI-W01 thermal camera?

The application range of the KTI-W01 thermal camera is very wide, especially in the following four fields.

Home Inspection

In household electrical systems, overheating of components can easily lead to fires. These potential dangers are usually invisible to the naked eye and can be detected using the KTI-W01 thermal imaging camera. Hot spots in electrical panels, outlets, and wiring are visible, allowing homeowners to address potential hazards before they escalate.

multipurpose handheld thermal imaging camera

Industrial Inspection

In the industrial sector, thermal imaging cameras can detect overheated components or electrical equipment. Identifying failures before they occur and resolving issues proactively can save businesses significant repair costs and downtime.
In addition, thermal imaging cameras are also fully used in product quality inspection. For example, in product welding and molding, it can detect surface defects or abnormalities that deviate from required standards. Greatly improve the production quality of products.

Car Inspection

Thermal imaging cameras can help identify hot spots or abnormal heating patterns in a car's engine, exhaust issues or abnormal friction, tire anomalies, and other issues. Regular inspections with the KTI-W01 thermal imaging camera will help maintain the car and ensure travel safety.

Security Industry

In public safety and law enforcement, thermal imaging can help police locate suspects in dark environments or extreme environmental conditions and achieve rapid arrests.

How much does the KTI-W01 thermal camera cost?

The KTI-W01 is currently priced at only $299 on the KAIWEETS official retail site. Kaiweets officials will also conduct discount activities from time to time. You can subscribe and follow Kaiweets official website. Be the first to know about Kaiweets new products and discounts.
Overall, the KAIWEETS KTI-W01 is a reliable, cost-effective handheld thermal imaging camera with a wide range of applications. To learn more about Kaiweets electrical tools and equipment, please visit KAIWEETS official website.
If you want to start a wholesale business, please contact our sales staff. We are online 24 hours a day, provide quotes quickly, and look forward to interacting with you.

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