• 3 x 360° Green Lines with Greater Visibility
  • 196ft/60M Laser Distance Measurement Under 20000lux Illuminance
  • Self-leveling within 4 Degrees, Leveling Accuracy: ± 3mm / 10m
  • Work Up To 20 Hours of Lithium-ion Rechargeable Batteries


KAIWEETS laser level offers all-in-one versatility laser beams for involving squaring, plumbing, and leveling. Suitable for floor and wall tiling, chandelier, spotlight installs, hanging wall draws, air condition install, door and window calibration, building structure measurement, and more.


KAIWEETS® Laser Measuring Tools

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KAIWEETS LR100G Laser Detector Compatible with KT360A/B Pulse Mode


  • Working Under Strong Light
  • Distances Up To 196ft/60m
  • Dual-sided LED Indicators
  • Level Indicator Bubbles
  • High/Low Precision Adjustment
  • Adjustable Beeper

Dual-sided LED Indicators

KAIWEETS LR100G laser receiver uses an LED display screen to provide a far better display panel in the prospective of eye safety, picture quality, and power consumption.

Detects Laser Lines in Bright Conditions

Work with Green Beam Laser

Our Customers Say



Working great after 2 days of use used this to help with the assembly of a small outdoor deck. I noticed that the 360 laser case was oversized, the case foam is glue layered, making it fairly easy to shape the new openings. The 360 laser foam lid is just thick enough to carve out a shaped indentation to fit the LR100G pole mount. You now have one big happy tote for the whole package. side note: The battery pack consists of soldered-in 3x 18650. The battery case did not appear plastic welded, thus was fairly easy to disassemble.



Bought it to first change the room layout in an old building (old walls out, new ones in other places). My main problem was: no plaster on the walls, therefore no usable measuring points. With this laser, however, it was very easy to create straight walls at right angles. Maybe not 100% but that was definitely not the laser. He did his job very well. and the green line is very visible. Even in very bright daylight, a few (approx. 4) meters away without any problems. Price-performance simply great!

Jana Wulf


I was looking for a versatile, robust stand and this one has it all. It can be used as a prop to support the floor and the ceiling by exerting pressure with a built-in spring up to a maximum height of 3.7 meters but it can also be supported on a tripod. I liked that it has the possibility of vertical movement with fine adjustment, that the tripod has a small bubble level that saves time when leveling it in irregular places and that comes with couplings for the main 1/4'' and 5/8'' threaded levels. Everything is stored in a transport bag.