KAIWEETS KM312B Digital Multimeter
KAIWEETS KM312B Multimeter
KM312B Digital Multimeter
KM312B Multimeter
KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter
KAIWEETS Multimeter
KM312B Digital Multimeter
Digital Multimeter
KAIWEETS KM312B Multimeter
KAIWEETS KM312B Smart Digital Multimeter
KAIWEETS Smart Digital Multimeter


KAIWEETS KM312B Digital Multimeter 4000 Counts True-RMS

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Range: KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter KM312B measures AC/DC voltages up to 600V and resistances up to 60MΩ.

Features: Voltmeter / Ammeter / Non-Contact Voltage Tester / Resistance Tester / Capacitance Meter / Continuity Tester / Battery Test; 6000 times / Frequency Test / TRMS / Data Hold / Auto Power Off.

Safer tester: IEC61010-1 CAT.III 600V overvoltage safety standard and pollution level 2. silicone protective case, anti-voltage circuit design. The probability of burning out the meter is almost 0%.

Easy to operate: Backlit screen. LED backlight for working in low light area.

KM312B multimeter
KM312B digital multimeter

KM312B Digital Multimeter

An ultra-portable multimeter with a nice look and large modern display. Very suitable for carrying with car, camping or DIYer and homeowner.

kaiweets KM312B multimeter

Capacitance Range & Diode Test

Capacitance Range

Diode Test
Accurate and fast diode test. Beep on a good diode

KM312B smart multimeter

Bright Backlight and Flashlight

The bright backlight enables the readings to be clearly visible on a large LCD screen; even in dimly lit areas and at night, the flashlight is as bright as a little lamp and provides illumination in the dark.

kaiweets smart multimeter

Non-contact Voltage Detection & Data Hold

Non-contact Voltage Detection
Design for more safety. Just place the probe near outlets, sockets, terminals, etc. to test voltage presence.

Data Hold
When taking measurements and recording results, it is often easier to use the data hold function to freeze the data being displayed on the digital display.

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5-10 Business Days to America and Europe.
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