KAIWEETS HT106D UK/EU GFCI Outlet Tester with Voltage Display

GFCI Function: Check if the trip breaker is functioning. Press the GFCI button, if the GFCI receptacle trip, that means the power leak-proof protection is good. Be careful of using this function on normal receptacles. It may cause house wiring trips.

Voltage Display: This GFCI tester with an LCD display helps you to measure the socket Phase voltage, Leakage voltage, and Current and display it clearly on the LCD screen. When the wiring problems, the screen will turn orange.

Testing Capability: Standard 3-Wire and GFCI-protected 120Volt AC Outlets. This Receptacle tester detects the most common wiring faults in standard and GFCI electrical outlets, open ground, open neutral, hot/ground reverse, hot/neutral reverse, hot/ground reverse&open ground.

Instant Wiring Identification: The Red LED indicators can be lit up clearly for easy visual indication, when activated identify one of the six common wiring options. An easy-to-understand chart on the tester helps determine wiring conditions in the outlet, based on LED light results.

Safety Certificate: This outlet tester with GFCI conforms to CAT III 300V and CE-Marking.

  • Operating Voltage
  • 48~250V/45~65Hz
  • Operating Temperature
  • 0°C~40°C
  • Operating Humidity
  • 20%~75%RH
  • Storage Temperature
  • -10°C~50°C
  • Storage Humidity
  • 20%~80%RH
  • Altitude
  • <2000m
  • GFCI Test
  • >5mA
  • Material
  • Flame Retardant ABS
  • Plug Type
  • UK, EU
  • Item Weight
  • 0.08 KG
  • Package Dimensions
  • ‎9.96 x 3.03 x 2.87 inches
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