KAIWEETS 5 Pack Digital Multimeter Fuse


Package includes: 5 pcs x Multimeter Fuse
For KAIWEETS multimeters, please note the corresponding model number.

KM100: F200mA250V/Φ5x20/, 10A/250V/Φ5*20/

HT112B: F600mA250V/Φ5x20/

HT113A: F250mA/250V/

HT113B: F400mA250V/Φ5x20/, 10A/250V/Φ5*20/

KM601/HT118A: 600mA/250V/Φ6*32mm,10A/250V/Φ6*32mm

HT118E: 200mA/250V/Φ6*32mm, 10A/250V/Φ6*32mm

ST600X/ST600Y/ST500Y: 10A/250V/Φ5*20/

Please buy the right fuse according to the specific model, more fuses will be added later.

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